Our beer

Dark Revolution Beer

Taking you on a journey of flavour, aroma and sensation. It comes from the best ingredients, innovative technique and most of all passion. From clean pale ales to wild farmhouse beers, we embrace the wood, the brett and the funk. Never satisfied with average and never compromised in favour of mass production or profit. This is the Dark Revolution.

  • Nucleus

    Nucleus is the core of what we do..

    Conventional but never boring. Beers to be enjoyed any time, any place. Our interpretation of classic styles and more contemporary variants.

  • Quercus

    Quercus is an exploration of flavour..

    Born from tradition but revisited out of choice rather than necessity. Elaborate mystique and character procreating from different wood and past inhabitants. Robust beers which age with decadence and indulgence. Each beer harmonised with a choice barrel previously occupied by an elegant wine or spirit. Resulting in a complex mosaic of character, aroma and punch. Each beer unique and vastly different.

  • Defected

    Defected is a journey into funk and wildness..

    Innocent beers mutated by complex cultures of microbes and wild yeasts. Blended to create balanced but complex beers which will blow your mind. Extensively aged in wood or stainless steel then selected and blended when ready. It's takes a long time but it's well worth the wait.